Top 5 Spanish furniture manufacturers

Top 5 Spanish furniture manufacturers

Many people on are passionate about interior design and decoration. In general, we all pay special attention to the interior design of the spaces, the distribution of furniture, and attention to detail.

Therefore, in this article, you will find out which are the top 5 furniture brands in Spain that you can’t miss. Interesting pieces of furniture can also be found on conforama. Here you will find innovative, unique products that, in addition, are committed to environmental sustainability, either through the use of efficient materials or through artisanal production.


This Catalan furniture company has been offering quality, functionality, and authenticity for more than 30 years through its colonial-style products.

Moycor has managed to reinvent itself with models and collections with a rustic or vintage look from a contemporary point of view. Undoubtedly, innovation and tradition go hand in hand with all the furniture created by this Spanish brand.

For years, Moycor has been seen by important fairs on the national and international market, where it offers new proposals, playing with high-quality designs, colors, and materials. We like to know these types of companies that take risks with different products, with essence, which adds that distinctive note to your stay, regardless of your style.


From the sea to the garden of your house. As you read it. This furniture company from Pamplona designs and manufactures furniture, especially outdoor furniture, by recycling used sails from boats. Founded by architect and designer Enrique Kahle Olaso, DVelas was born to take advantage of material from the navigation industry that is no longer used for navigation but has not yet lost its qualities.

Techniques and characteristics of the fabric are used, its durability and resistance allow the creation of fluff and furniture with functional design, simply and beautifully. When inspiration is great, nothing can go wrong. But if, in addition, the raw material of the design is recycled, for us it becomes an extraordinary design.

  • ALKI

This designer furniture company is located in a small Basque town near France, Itsasu.

It opened its doors in 1981 to bring work to a place where opportunities were lacking. It is a cooperative in which man is above the economy; every collaborator, client, or designer finds your site.

For more than three decades, Alki has been manufacturing contemporary design furniture with high quality and extraordinary finishes. In addition, due to their rural environment and their commitment to the environment, they carefully respect the material using ecological and natural materials.


They offer a variety of storage furniture, tables, chairs, and decorative elements that have a functional and versatile design, so you can give different uses to the same product. All its pieces are made with warm materials and use neutral and pastel colors, which emphasizes the Nordic style of the brand.

Slowdeco presents all its designs in its online store, a handmade production with fresh and natural air, typical of the Mediterranean character. For the creators of this furniture brand, everything around us influences us emotionally. And we couldn’t agree more.


This young designer furniture company from Valencia has managed to make a place for itself as a national landmark in the world of furniture.

In 2011, Mª Ángeles Almendro and Paula Martino, passionate about decoration, created Kenay Home, a company of designer furniture and decorative elements that stand out for their design and quality of materials.

Different proposals for bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, furniture, and decor with a very marked and personal Nordic style. The calm, simplicity, and beauty of its products combined with the personalized services and closeness to the customer that the brand offers have become the hallmarks of Kenay Home.