Port Orchard could increase developer fees to build new parks

Mac Kenzie

The city of Port Orchard is looking to dramatically increase the impact fees it charges homebuilders and developers to help pay for existing parks and develop new parks in the city.

The city currently charges builders $811 per single-family home and $584 per multi-family unit. The city is proposing raising fees to $6,658 per single-family home and $4,689 per multifamily unit in a building with five or more units.

The fees have not been adjusted since 2011, said Nick Bond, community development director. Any changes would have to be approved by a vote of the Port Orchard City Council.

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City leaders say Port Orchard is facing a historic level of residential building. A recent presentation to school district leaders by Bond projects 2,103 new housing units between April 2021 and March 2025. Projected growth for 2026 and beyond is nearly 3,000 housing units.


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