Massproductions launches The Little Things collection

These home accessories by Massproductions feature ‘the rules plus some magic’

Stockholm Design Week 2022: Massproductions launches a collection of everyday accessories, designed by the company’s design director, Chris Martin

When Massproductions’ design director Chris Martin presented the company’s new collection of domestic accessories, he dubbed the collection ‘the rules plus some magic’. The Swedish furniture brand is known for its neo-modernist furniture collections that blend well-considered design and attention to the manufacturing process. ‘The Little Things’, as the collection is called, includes smaller furniture pieces and accessories, objects ‘with the ability to gild everyday life’.

‘Trippy’ vase, £1,303, shown at the Massproductions store within an installation by Paul Vaugoyeau 

The Little Things includes mirrors made of polished aluminium, a candle holder, a rubber door wedge, a shelf, a wine rack and a vase and a small table. Cushions and wall hangers, launched by the brand over the past few years, complete the collection. 

‘I wanted to change the scale of the things I normally design,’ says Martin. ‘It turned out that it is a similar process as when I design furniture; it is the same struggle, even for smaller objects. But the reward is worth it, because as the saying goes, it’s the little things that make a big difference.’

‘Universal’ door wedge, £82

Martin describes the creative process for the collection as a transition from the rational to the madness, creating a contrast between an object’s functionality and the design approach. The shape of the ‘Trippy’ glass vase, for example, is defined by ‘the mood and creativity of the glassblowers that day’, while the ‘Memory’ mirrors simply feature a folded piece of polished aluminium (a decision based on learning the environmental impact of glass mirror manufacturing).

The collection is presented at Massproductions’ store, which opened in February 2022 in an Art Nouveau building in Stockholm’s Södermalm, originally designed in 1912 by architect Sam Kjellberg with new interiors by Massproductions’ creative director and CEO Magnus Elebäck in collaboration with Specific Generic. For the launch, multidisciplinary designer Paul Vaugoyeau created a foil-clad room at the back of the store.

‘Although all objects in The Little Things come from one and the same hand (Chris’ left hand), they have no obvious relationship,’ comments Elebäck. ‘But just like with our furniture collection, it is only when you look closer and live with the products that the common thread emerges. A thread that is spun by ingenuity, function, relevance and tactility.’ §

‘Marcel’ coat rack, £570

‘4PM’ table, £576

‘Silo’ modular winerack, from £127