EPA Honors 17 Home Builders and Raters for Providing Healthier Indoor Air

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is celebrating 11 home builders and six home raters with the 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Awards. These annual awards recognize market-leading organizations who champion safer, healthier, and more comfortable indoor environments through participation in and promotion of the Indoor airPLUS program, offering enhanced indoor air quality protections to new home buyers. In addition to the Leader Awards, EPA has selected two Indoor airPLUS partners to receive the Leader of the Year Award for their outstanding commitment and program performance. The 2022 Leaders of the Year are Fulton Homes in the builder category and Integral Building + Design in the rater category.

“EPA congratulates the 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leaders and Leaders of the Year for their efforts to build and promote American homes designed to provide occupants with healthier indoor air,” said Joseph Goffman, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator of EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation. “Now more than ever, people understand the importance of healthier indoor air quality. These market-leading home builders and raters help American homebuyers protect their families with healthier homes across the spectrum of new housing stock.”

The 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader of the Year Award winners are:


Fulton Homes (Tempe, Ariz.) Fulton Homes has won their eighth Indoor airPLUS Leader Award and third Leader of the Year Award. They continue to innovate and make great use of the outreach and education tools provided by the Indoor airPLUS program. This year, Fulton Homes embraced their leader role with an innovative and effective marketing strategy that included developing and widely marketing social media posts and an updated Indoor airPLUS promotional video to highlight the benefits of the program.


Integral Building + Design (New Paltz, N.Y.) Integral Building + Design has earned their fifth Leader Award and their first Rater Leader of the Year Award. They have demonstrated consistent engagement and leadership in outreach to their clients who build affordable housing, including presenting information and promoting the benefits of the Indoor airPLUS program to the construction industry. As a result of those efforts, three new affordable housing developers committed to building 100% Indoor airPLUS labeled homes in 2021, and they reported verifying over 300 Indoor airPLUS homes that qualify as affordable housing.

The 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award winners are:


  • Beazer Homes – Arizona, Mesa, Ariz.
  • Beazer Homes – Dallas, Farmers Branch, Texas
  • Beazer Homes – Las Vegas, Henderson, Nev.
  • C & B Custom Homes, Inc., Cottonwood, Ariz.
  • Charis Homes, LLC, North Canton, Ohio
  • Fulton Homes, Tempe, Ariz.
  • Mandalay Homes, Prescott, Ariz.
  • Meritage Homes, Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • Providence Homes, Jacksonville, Fla.
  • Thrive Home Builders, Denver, Colo.
  • Tri Pointe Homes Arizona, Scottsdale, Ariz.


  • ARCXIS, Houston, Texas
  • E3 Energy, LLC, Flagstaff, Ariz.
  • EnergyLogic, Inc., Berthoud, Colo.
  • Integral Building + Design, Inc., New Paltz, N.Y.
  • JKP Energy Inspections, LLC, Gilbert, Ariz.
  • Steven Winter Associates, Inc., Norwalk, Conn.

More about the Indoor airPLUS program:

Indoor airPLUS is a voluntary partnership and labeling program that helps new home builders improve the quality of indoor air and meet the growing consumer preference for homes with improved indoor air quality. Indoor airPLUS homes are healthier by design. Featuring comprehensive indoor air quality measures and practices, Indoor airPLUS labeled homes can help reduce the likelihood of common and serious health problems like disease transmission, heart disease, cancer, asthma, allergies, respiratory issues, headaches and more. These design approaches include mold and moisture control; radon resistance; pest management; improved heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems; proper combustion venting; healthier building materials; and homeowner education.

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