An Expert Weighs In On The New Construction Vs. Old Home Debate

So, with the debate of new construction vs. old home, which one wins out? Well, it’s not that cut and dry. Most experts agree that it’s the buyer’s choice, including Josh Steppling. “The truth is that most homebuyers’ perceptions when comparing new construction homes to older homes is superficial,” he shares. “Older homes can have more character while brand new homes can come off as mass-produced with less originality, but there are more fine-tuned details that should be kept in mind.” Indeed, both have their own pros and cons, whether they are aesthetic or the financials associated with owning and personalizing the house.

In the end, buying a property is a highly personal endeavor. While looking for your next abode, you’re trying to balance wants, needs, functionality, location, costs, and a myriad of other factors. So when it comes to buying old or new, Steppling tells House Digest, “All-in-all, there really isn’t a right way to look at this, but there is more to consider than just cosmetic appeal.”